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About Us

In a world cluttered with visual messages, it’s vital any new communication stands out from the pack.

Hornett Design is a small design agency that works closely with its clients to make sure their communications engage their target audiences
and deliver the messages they want delivered.
For us, teamwork and keeping things simple are everything. With that combination, we help you achieve the results you want and create work that looks pretty special, even if we say so ourselves.

Maybe that’s why people keep coming back to us time after time. From leading health charities, to big business, to public sector organisations, we enjoy
a relationship with our clients that no big agency
can offer.

Our Services

Whether you’re a new business or an established one that needs a new image, we can work with you to develop a visual identity that has impact and style.

Corporate communications
From annual reports to promotional brochures, we can create communications that will help you connect with people the way you want to.

Internal communications 
Engaging an internal audience with what you’re saying can be the trickiest job of all. That’s why we work particularly closely with clients to create effective employee communications.

However you’re looking to communicate digitally, we can deliver intelligent, unique design solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Being an agency that can also provide bespoke, high-quality images means we can give your communications a balance you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

If your copy needs more zip or you’re looking for content written from scratch, speak to us, we have award-winning wordsmiths at our disposal.

Our Awards

CiB Award of Excellence 2008
HBOS ENA managers recruitment brochure

CiB Award of Excellence 2006
National Hi-Tech Crime Unit annual review 2004

CiB Award of Excellence 2005
National Crime Squad annual report 2003

SpotLight Awards Winner 2004
National Crime Squad annual report 2003

CiB Award of Excellence 2002  
UK Online MMDP commemorative book

CiB Award of Excellence 2002
Oftel annual report 2001

CiB Award of Excellence 2001  
Oftel annual report 2000

CiB Class Winner 2000
District Line commemorative brochure

CiB Award of Excellence 2000
‘Link’ magazine for Department of Health

CiB Award of Excellence 2000
‘To the future’ brochure for the Highways Agency

CiB Class Winner 1998
‘Sorted’ – employee report for The Post Office